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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is that the outward, 'visible' sales and profit – related success of a business is brought about by the 'not so visible' expertise which the business employs.
The outward success can be likened to a growing tree, year after year stretching forth its branches to form an ever greater and more beautiful canopy. This outward growth and visible success is utterly impossible however, without the contribution of the unseen part of the tree – its roots.
It is the roots which enable growth and provide security and stability, life and vigour to the whole tree.

Our belief is that in the food manufacturing, retailing and consumer environment of today, the root or foundation of every successful and profitable food business is the product being offered for sale and consumption; after all; there are few things more personal than what we choose to eat and drink….

'Radix' (from Latin) means 'root' or 'foundation'. An old proverb runs: 'if you want a high building, you must have a low foundation'. Nothing can match or replace the contribution which experience and expertise born of a detailed understanding and an accustomed thorough execution can bring to a business. If your business is Prepared Foods, then Radix® Consultancy can bring you ahead of the market expertise in procurement, purchasing and negotiation and can get you 'better than market' deals. In a business which makes 8% nett profit; a saving of €250,000 affects the bottom line to the same extent as sales growth of €3,125,000! Talking to Radix® Consultancy about your R&D needs is an investment in real expertise in product innovation and creativity and can provide you with a consistent edge over your competitors and possibly with an idea which could transform your business.

Why Would I Need the Help of a Consultancy Firm?

If you are wondering why you would ever stand in need of the services Radix® Consultancy offer: ask yourself the following questions…

  1. How sure are you that you are getting value for money for your expenditure on inputs versus the market (other than your supplier telling you that you always manage to get the best deal among all his customers!..)?
  2. When you sit down with your supplier to discuss a new contract, do you know what the market cost for the commodities you buy is?
  3. Do you have a purchasing strategy for your business? If not, how do you or your staff know what you want to achieve from your supply base?
  4. Does your business harness the capabilities, cost efficiencies, technical abilities and creative skills of your supply base?
  5. Does your business have an R&D strategy?
  6. Does your R&D program deliver what the market demands, on time?
  7. Is your continuity of supply secure?
  8. Do you know when to contract purchase the commodities your business uses?

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